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Committee(s) Health Policy and Human Services Chair Sen. Curtis S VanderWall Clerk Name Heather Dorbeck Clerk Phone 517.373.5323 Location Room 1100, Binsfeld Office Building, 201 Townsend Street, Lansing, MI 48933 Date Thursday, 6/23/2022 Time 1:00 PM Time Notes Agenda SB 1057 (Sen. Curtis S. VanderWall) Health occupations: emergency medical services personnel; procedure for renewal of licensure; modify.SB 812 (Sen. Curtis S. VanderWall) Health facilities: other; registration for certain laboratories; require.HB 4075 (Rep. Beau LaFave) Traffic control: parking; signage for parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities; modify.HB 4076 (Rep. Beau LaFave) Civil rights: disabilities discrimination; symbol of accessibility; modify.HB 5801 (Rep. Bronna Kahle) Children: protection; children’s services commission; create.HB 5974 (Rep. Mary Whiteford) Juveniles: other; definition of relative in the juvenile code; revise.HB 5975 (Rep. Laurie Pohutsky) Courts: guardian ad litem; trauma-informed training for lawyer-guardian ad litem; require.HB 5976 (Rep. Tyrone Carter) Human services: other; annual report by the department of health and human services; require to submit to legislature.HB 5977 (Rep. Phil Green) Human services: other; annual needs assessment regarding the utilization of residential treatment and the needs of youth who are referred for clinical interventions; require the department of health and human services to conduct.HB 5978 (Rep. Rodney Wakeman) Children: foster care; family finding and engagement company; require department of health and human services to use to help connect foster children to family members and friends.HB 5980 (Rep. Stephanie Young) Children: foster care; extended licensing for certain foster homes; provide for.HB 5981 (Rep. Sarah Anthony) Land use: zoning and growth management; increase capacity for foster youth in state licensed residential facilities; provide for under certain conditions.HB 6070 (Rep. Jack O’Malley) Individual income tax: credit; incentive for employers to offer paid adoption leave to certain employees; provide for.HB 6073 (Rep. Mary Whiteford) Children: child care; definition of relative in the child care organizations; revise.HB 6074 (Rep. Mary Whiteford) Children: other; definition of relative in the probate code of 1939; revise.HB 6075 (Rep. Daire Rendon) Children: guardians; definition of relative in the guardianship assistance act; revise.And any other business properly before the committee.