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Agenda SB 802 (Sen. Adam J. Hollier) State: symbol; wild rice; designate as the official native grain.HB 5588 (Rep. TC Clements) Animals: dogs; provision related to tattooing of certain dogs under the dog law of 1919; repeal.HB 5589 (Rep. Ranjeev Puri) Animals: dogs; provision related to tattooing of dangerous dogs; repeal.SB 1058 (Sen. Kevin Daley) Agriculture: diseases and pests; issuance of certificates of free sale in insect pest and plant disease act; provide for.HB 5671 (Rep. Julie Alexander) Food: cottage food operation; cottage food operations; allow to sell, offer for sale, and accept payment for cottage food products over the internet.HB 5704 (Rep. Annette Glenn) Food: cottage food operation; certain requirements for cottage food operations and cottage food products; modify.And any other business properly before the committee.