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Act 312 of 1929

119.8 Charter rejection; unfavorable vote, charter provision; resubmission proceedings.

Sec. 8.

   If the proposed charter be rejected at such election, any election of officers therein provided shall be void. Said commission shall reconvene upon a call of its president or the written request of a majority of its members and the proposed charter amended in such manner as may be deemed desirable. Any proposed charter may contain a provision that in the event of an unfavorable vote by any city, village or township or part of such a political subdivision, that said charter shall be deemed effective as to all other cities, villages or townships or parts of such political subdivision voting favorably thereon and that any officers elected at said election shall be valid. In the absence of such a provision in the charter and in the event that a city, village or township or part of same included has voted unfavorably on a proposed charter said city, village or township may be dropped from said proposed metropolitan district by the charter commission and the proposed boundaries corrected accordingly. Said proposed charter as amended may be then resubmitted to the qualified electors of the city, village and township or parts of same a second time in the same manner and with like notice and proceedings as required in the first instance, which proceedings in case of the rejection of said proposed charter may be continued a third time with like powers. In the event of a third rejection of same the powers and duties of the charter commission shall be at an end.

History: 1929, Act 312, Eff. Aug. 28, 1929 ;– CL 1929, 2282 ;– CL 1948, 119.8