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Act 312 of 1929

119.3 Mandatory charter provisions.

Sec. 3.

  Any district incorporated under the provisions of this act shall in its charter provide:

  (a) For the election or appointment of all district officers, including the term of office for all district officers.

  (b) For the duties and compensation of its officers; for the keeping in the English language a written or printed journal of every session of the legislative body, which records shall be public; for publication of ordinances before they become effective; for adopting, continuing, amending, or repealing of ordinances; for a system of accounts which conforms to any uniform system required by law; for the levy, collection, and return of taxes for district purposes; and for the annual appropriation of money for district purposes. All taxes and appropriations shall be levied, collected, and returned through the proper assessing and taxation officer or officers of each city, village, or township or parts of same comprising the metropolitan district in the same manner as near as may be that other city, village, or township taxes are levied, collected, and returned. The district legislative body or other officer or officers charged with the duty shall ascertain the total taxes or appropriation required for any year and shall certify to the proper assessing officer or officers of the city, village, or township or parts of same comprising the district its proportionate share thereof based upon the ratio that the total assessed valuation of each respective city, village, or township, or parts of same, bears to the total assessed value of all property real and personal in the entire district according to the last assessment in each of the respective units. The sum certified shall be a direct obligation of each city, village, or township or part of same and shall be paid to the metropolitan district on or before the next tax payment period. The sum shall be levied, collected, and returned by each city, village, or township in the same manner as other general taxes.

  (c) For a sinking fund as provided by any general law applicable to cities.

  (d) That the subjects of taxation for district purposes shall be the same as for state, county, and school purposes under the general law. However, the provisions of this section as to taxes and the levy, collection, and return of the taxes shall not apply to or be required in the charter of any metropolitan district incorporated for the purpose of the purchase, acquisition, or construction of any project or projects, or improving, enlarging, extending, or repairing thereof, authorized under the provisions of the revenue bond act of 1933, 1933 PA 94, MCL 141.101 to 141.140, but the charter shall contain provisions relative to the issuance of revenue bonds as in the act provided.

History: 1929, Act 312, Eff. Aug. 28, 1929 ;– CL 1929, 2277 ;– Am. 1935, Act 56, Imd. Eff. May 13, 1935 ;– CL 1948, 119.3 ;– Am. 2012, Act 587, Imd. Eff. Jan. 7, 2013
Compiler’s Notes: For provisions of Act 94 of 1933, referred to in subdivision (d), see MCL 141.101 et seq.