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Agenda HB 4847 (Rep. Graham Filler) Probate: guardians and conservators; requirements to be appointed as guardian or conservator; modify.HB 4848 (Rep. Graham Filler) Probate: guardians and conservators; duties of guardians, conservators, and guardian ad litem; modify.HB 4849 (Rep. Kyra Bolden) Probate: guardians and conservators; appointment; modify procedure.HB 4850 (Rep. Rodney Wakeman) Probate: guardians and conservators; appointment of a temporary guardian; modify procedure, and modify procedure for removing a conservator.HB 5486 (Rep. Samantha Steckloff) Consumer protection: consumer solicitation; failure of online marketplaces and high-volume third-party sellers to obtain or disclose certain information; make unfair trade practice.HB 5487 (Rep. Mark Tisdel) Consumer protection: consumer solicitation; high-volume third-party sellers to provide certain information to online marketplaces; require.HB 6124 (Rep. Ann Bollin) Elections: challengers; training requirements for election challengers; provide for, and provide for comprehensive election challenger training for county clerks, political parties, and other organizations.SB 406 (Sen. Tom Barrett) Corrections: state facilities; certain individuals to immediately be housed in department of corrections; require.Or any business properly before this committee.

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