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Agenda HB 4699 (Rep. Laurie Pohutsky) Criminal procedure: defenses; defense to criminal sexual conduct charges based solely on mental incapacitation of the victim if the victim is the actor’s spouse; repeal.HB 4898 (Rep. Graham Filler) Probate: other; general amendments to the estates and protected individuals code; provide for.HB 4899 (Rep. Graham Filler) Vehicles: title; transfer of ownership of vehicle to surviving spouse or heir after owner’s death; modify maximum value and adjust for cost of living.HB 4900 (Rep. Kyra Bolden) Probate: other; uniform transfers to minors act; modify amount of transfer allowed.HB 4901 (Rep. Kyra Bolden) Watercraft: other; watercraft eligible for issuance of certificate of title transferring deceased owner’s interest; increase maximum value of, subject to Consumer Price Index.SB 14 (Sen. Dale W. Zorn) Criminal procedure: jurisdiction; venue for prosecution of delivery of a controlled substance causing death; modify.SB 15 (Sen. Dale W. Zorn) Criminal procedure: jurisdiction; jurisdiction for prosecution for delivery of controlled substance causing death; modify.Or any business properly before this committee.

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