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HB 5973 (Rep. Jeff Yaroch) Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposal of funds from seized vehicles; clarify.HB 5974 (Rep. Jeff Yaroch) Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposition of funds from civil asset forfeiture; clarify.SB 195 (Sen. Stephanie Chang) Corrections: other; family advisory board; establish.SB 681 (Sen. Jeff Irwin) Criminal procedure: expunction; eligibility for record expungement of crimes committed when individual was a minor; expand.SB 682 (Sen. Peter J. Lucido) Juveniles: juvenile justice services; juvenile records; require to be confidential.SB 761 (Sen. Curtis S. VanderWall) Criminal procedure: forfeiture; public and regional airport authorities; exempt from certain requirements in certain controlled substance related cases.Or any business properly before this committee.

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