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Agenda HB 4173 (Rep. Kara Hope) Criminal procedure: other; authority of counties to offer reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction; increase maximum reward.HB 4195 (Rep. Pamela Hornberger) Family law: marriage and divorce; public disclosure of divorce filings; modify.HB 5588 (Rep. TC Clements) Animals: dogs; provision related to tattooing of certain dogs under the dog law of 1919; repeal.HB 5589 (Rep. Ranjeev Puri) Animals: dogs; provision related to tattooing of dangerous dogs; repeal.SB 244 (Sen. Jim Runestad) Civil procedure: service of process; proof of service; provide for verification of service.SB 654 (Sen. Jon C. Bumstead) Courts: reorganization; reorganization of fifty-first and twenty-seventh circuit court, and seventy-eighth and seventy-ninth district courts; provide for.SB 694 (Sen. Jon C. Bumstead) Courts: judges; number of judgeships in certain circuit courts; increase by 1 effective January 1, 2023.Or any business properly before this committee.

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