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Agenda Results of an investigation conducted by Deloitte and Touche LLP into imposter fraud and intentional misrepresentation payments made by the Unemployment Insurance Agency.HB 5528 (Rep. Pat Outman) Employment security: administration; certain improperly paid benefits; prohibit from being charged to certain accounts and funds.HB 5549 (Rep. Steven Johnson) Employment security: administration; monthly report to the unemployment insurance agency ombudsman related to rulings appealed and forwarded to the Board of Appeals Commission; require.HB 5550 (Rep. Pat Outman) Employment security: funds; amount of money in the unemployment compensation fund; require the unemployment agency to post on its public website.HB 5551 (Rep. Michele Hoitenga) Employment security: benefits; restitution determination period; modify, and require notice of certain rights for certain determinations to become final.HB 5552 (Rep. Jack O’Malley) Legislature: legislative agencies; unemployment insurance agency ombudsman; create.HB 5553 (Rep. Sarah Lightner) Employment security: other; claims for unemployment benefits; require the unemployment agency to process within a certain number of days.HB 5554 (Rep. Andrew Fink) Employment security: other; requirement for complete case files when submitting information for an adjudication hearing; provide for.Or any business properly before this committee.

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