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Agenda HR 342 (Rep. Triston Cole) A resolution to grant the House Standing Committee on Oversight the full scope of power as authorized by MCL 4.101 and MCL 4.541 to administer oaths, issue subpoenas, and examine books and records related to the 2020 primary and general elections.SB 1215 (Sen. Ken Horn) Cities: home rule; public-private agreements for public bridge facilities; modify.SB 1216 (Sen. Ken Horn) Counties: boards and commissions; approval for construction of bridges; modify.SB 1217 (Sen. Jeremy Moss) Property tax: exemptions; property tax exemption for real and personal property constituting certain public bridge facilities; create.SB 1218 (Sen. Wayne A. Schmidt) Property tax: assessments; exceptions to taxation of lessees or users of tax-exempt real property; include a public bridge facility used by a concessionaire.SB 1251 (Sen. Jim Stamas) Economic development: Michigan strategic fund; authority to borrow and issue bonds and notes to fund the Flint water litigation settlement: provide for.SB 1252 (Sen. Jim Ananich) State financing and management: funds; Flint settlement trust fund; provide for.SB 879 (Sen. Peter MacGregor) Insurance: health insurers; early refill of prescription medication during a state of emergency; provide for.SB 920 (Sen. Peter MacGregor) Health occupations: pharmacists; enhancements to operational capacity, flexibility, and efficiency of pharmacies; provide for during a declared emergency.SB 1160 (Sen. Rick Outman) Health facilities: certificate of need; certificate of need for extended care services program; modify.SB 1186 (Sen. Peter MacGregor) Records: other; use of electronic records and signatures; modify.SB 1187 (Sen. Peter MacGregor) Occupations: notaries public; a notary to utilize 2-way real-time audiovisual technology for notarial acts in certain circumstances; allow.SB 1188 (Sen. Peter MacGregor) Property: recording; procedures under the uniform real property electronic recording act; revise to deal with the COVID-19 emergency.SB 1189 (Sen. Peter MacGregor) Probate: other; electronically signing and witnessing certain documents; allow under certain conditions, and allow required visitations to take place electronically.SB 1246 (Sen. Lana Theis) Civil rights: open meetings; procedures for electronic meetings of public bodies; provide for.SB 1109 (Sen. Winnie Brinks) Veterans: other; Michigan veterans’ facility appeals board; create.SB 1110 (Sen. Tom Barrett) Veterans: other; Michigan veterans’ facility authority; modify.SB 1149 (Sen. Peter MacGregor) Sales tax: collections; collection of sales tax on fully automated consumer goods handling systems; exempt.SB 1150 (Sen. Aric Nesbitt) Use tax: collections; collection of use tax on fully automated consumer goods handling systems; exempt.SB 1153 (Sen. Peter MacGregor) Property tax: exemptions; tax exemption for personal property comprising certain consumer goods handling systems; provide for.SB 1200 (Sen. Tom Barrett) Law enforcement: reports; student safety act; provide oversight authority to state police.SB 54 (Sen. Wayne A. Schmidt) Individual income tax: credit; state historic preservation tax credit program; restore.SB 1075 (Sen. Ed McBroom) Property: conveyances; state-owned property in Gogebic County; provide for the transfer of.Or any business properly before this committee.

Please see the House Committee Protocol pertaining to COVID-19: