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Agenda HB 5258 (Rep. Matt Koleszar) Elections: candidates; transmission of proof copies of the ballot to candidates; allow clerks to email.HB 5252 (Rep. Bradley Slagh) Elections: ballot proposals; secretary of state to post on the department’s website a summary of and the date a ballot petition is received; require.SB 212 (Sen. Ruth A. Johnson) Elections: candidates; affidavit of identity; expand, and clarify requirements.SB 311 (Sen. Ruth A. Johnson) Elections: absent voters; electronic return of absentee ballots by military voters using Department of Defense Common Access Cards; allow.SB 8 (Sen. Paul Wojno) Elections: absent voters; definition of United States Department of Defense verified electronic signature; provide for.REMOTE TESTIMONY MAY BE AN OPTION THROUGH VIDEO CONFERENCING TECHNOLOGY. PLEASE CONTACT THE CHAIR’S OFFICE FOR PARTICIPATION DETAILS AT DGRIMM@HOUSE.MI.GOV.Or any business properly before this committee.

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