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Agenda HB 4192 (Rep. Pamela Hornberger) Elections: candidates; appointment of individual as candidate to fill a vacant office on the ballot; prohibit if the individual is a candidate for any other office on the same ballot.HB 4196 (Rep. Pamela Hornberger) Campaign finance: campaign practices; automated campaign telephone calls; require to identify who paid for call.HB 4305 (Rep. Steven Johnson) Campaign finance: campaign practices; requirement to report the number of people in attendance at a campaign fundraiser; eliminate.HB 4425 (Rep. Phil Green) Elections: political parties; state political party to change name to affiliated national political party; allow.HB 4788 (Rep. Gregory Markkanen) Villages: general law; initiative for term limits of elected general law village officers; provide for.REMOTE TESTIMONY MAY BE AN OPTION THROUGH VIDEO CONFERENCING TECHNOLOGY. PLEASE CONTACT THE CHAIR’S OFFICE FOR PARTICIPATION DETAILS AT MBRAUN@HOUSE.MI.GOV.Or any business properly before this committee.

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