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Agenda HB 4883 (Rep. Steven Johnson) Elections: political parties; requirement for members of a political party to pay dues in order to vote; prohibit.HB 4995 (Rep. Richard Steenland) Elections: ballot proposals; deadline to file petitions proposing an amendment to the constitution or an initiated law; modify.HB 5926 (Rep. David Martin) Public employees and officers: ethics; reporting lobbying expenditures; expand, and require SOS to establish a lobbyist and lobbyist agent expenditure database.HB 5927 (Rep. Ken Borton) Public employees and officers: ethics; policy related to ethics on members soliciting gifts of travel rules; create.HB 5928 (Rep. Ann Bollin) Public employees and officers: ethics; Michigan electronic reporting and tracking system; update and expand.HB 5929 (Rep. Beau LaFave) Campaign finance: campaign practices; wages paid to candidates for public office, elected officials, and their immediate family members; prohibit certain campaign account expenditures.REMOTE TESTIMONY MAY BE AN OPTION THROUGH VIDEO CONFERENCING TECHNOLOGY. PLEASE CONTACT THE CHAIR’S OFFICE FOR PARTICIPATION DETAILS AT AHAGEDORN@HOUSE.MI.GOV.Or any business properly before this committee.

Please see the House Committee Protocol pertaining to COVID-19: