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Comfortably carrying Akimbo has been a problem for years. Not anymore. Lucas dual-wields Beretta M9s in a shooting montage with the new Sidecar holster Dual Wield Attachment. 0:00:00 (Mysterious Intro)
0:01:05 (Death Blossom)
0:01:11 (Matrix Lobby Scene)
0:01:35 (Bad Boys II)
0:01:55 (Cross Shot)
0:02:04 (Close Retention)
0:02:17 (Drawing from Akimbo Sidecar)
0:02:27 (Mission Impossible II Spin Shot)
0:02:38 (Massive Montage)
0:02:59 (Sidecar Dual Wield Attachment Overview)
0:03:46 (Do Not Watch This)